This commitment is reinforced through action and passion within a rewarding corporate culture in which all Tanager employees and contractors participate and share ownership in health and safety management. A company wide commitment to health and safety performance allows us to grow the value of our business responsibly.


  • Exhibit leadership by excellent performance in health and safety by targeting zero harm to our employees, contractors and the communities in which we work
  • Operate our business to ensure proactive risk mitigation and continuous improvement through anticipation, prevention, measurement and provision of the necessary resources and tools to meet our values
  • Ensure that all employees, contractors, and visitors are well informed, trained, engaged and committed to improving our health and safety management system
  • Promote consultation with key stakeholders on issues related to health and safety
  • Prepare for and effectively respond to emergencies that can threaten people, the environment, and our operations
  • Meet or exceed applicable laws, regulations and industry standards


  • Demonstrate Tanager’s commitment to achieving health and safety excellence
  • Ensure compliance to Tanager’s Health and Safety policy
  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment
  • Ensure employees are provided with standards, procedures, processes, tools and other resources necessary to conduct their work in a safe and responsible manner


Take visible actions to influence and apply Tanager’s health & safety management system

  • Ensure and encourage worker adherence to safe work practices and procedures
  • Provide supervision, instruction and training as they relate to work activities
  • Ensure employees are knowledgeable of the hazards and risks associated with their jobs
  • Ensure employees are competent to conduct work in a safe manner

Employees, Contractors, and Visitors

  • Apply positive health and safety behaviors on Tanager’s sites
  • Take all reasonable steps to protect the health and safety of themselves, co-workers and third parties from injury or illness as a result of work activities
  • Compliance with relevant acts, codes, regulations, standards and procedures


Tanager Energy is committed to conducting our business in a manner that safeguards the health and safety of employees, contractors, stakeholders and the public. 

Health & Safety Policy