Board of Directors

Thomas M. Crain, Jr., Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer

​Mr. Crain has over 35 years experience in the oil and gas business.  He formerly served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Everest Resource Company and its affiliates since 1992. His primary responsibilities were to supervise all land acquisitions, market oil and gas prospects, negotiate joint venture agreements, acquire and maintain oil and gas leaseholds, oversee investor relations, raise investor funds, and other landowner/mineral owner communications. Mr. Crain received a Bachelor of Science Degree in business from Texas Christian University.

Roger S. Braugh, Jr.

Mr. Braugh is the founder and President of the Santa Rosa Energy family of companies, including Santa Rosa Energy, Ltd., Santa Rosa Operating, LLC, Paleo Oil Company LLC, and Santa Rosa Drilling LLC. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics in 1992, and graduated from Baylor University School of Law, earning his juris doctorate degree in 1996.  He is a partner at the law firm of Sico Hoelscher Harris & Braugh LLP, with offices located in Houston, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi, Texas, and in Pasadena, California.

Carson W. (Bill) Chemerinski, P. Eng., Interim Corporate Secretary
Mr. Chemerinski has over thirty-five years of domestic and international exploration and production operations experience.  His background includes production, reservoir engineering, drilling and completions engineering and operations experience.  Mr. Chemerinski has served as Drilling and Completions Operations Manager for ExxonMobil, El Paso Production, Schlumberger, Esso Canada resources, BNP Petroleum, Mariner Energy, BNP Petroleum and Hess Corporation.  He has served as International Drilling Operations Advisor to ExxonMobil Development since 2012.

Craig S. Davis
Mr. Davis co-founded Interactive Exploration Solutions Inc., (INEXS) in 1990 to provide premium quality geoscience, and engineering consulting services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. Throughout his career, he has led exploration teams on various field development and exploration projects for clients in Venezuela, Turkey, the UK, Indonesia, Eritrea, Norway, India, The Netherlands, and numerous locations in Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Davis began working the mid-continent area of the U.S. for Texaco in Tulsa. His career path has included companies such as Mondanto Oil Company, Tri-D, and Landmark Graphics, as well as projects in such places as the deep water flexure trend and the Green Canyon 18 field, the Ivanhoe and Rob Roy field developments in the North Sea, regional projects in Norway, and of course the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Davis received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from Indiana University.